SunHelp International e.V.


Commitment Through Action

Our association is a registered charity whose aim is to carry out international aid projects in the field of renewable energies. We focus primarily on solar energy. A particular feature of the association is that each phase of a project (planning, funding and implementation) can be coordinated online, i.e. via the Internet. This means that our members have maximum flexibility in terms of their time and location.

We help people in developing countries by providing them with a sustainable energy supply.

Project Implementation

Projects can be implemented in various ways:

Many of our active members travel the world and organise new projects independently on site. The two main challenges concerning the implementation of such new projects is (i) the sourcing of the solar systems and (ii) the identification of suitable projects. Thus we always seek to get in contact with local NGOs first who can help us identify such projects. This considerably increases the sustainable impact of our solar systems.

Another way is to award a contract, where a specialized company or project designer implements the contract locally once the association has dealt with the funding phase. In such case, the coordination of the project can either take place online (e.g. directly from Germany) or by a member of our association on site.

The projects are all planned, funded and implemented on a voluntary basis using our members’ knowledge and qualifications.

Application Areas

The application possibilities of solar energy are numerous and reach from typical uses like lighting and charging mobile phones to special applications like solar refrigerators for medication or the operation of water  sterilisation systems.

Our projects focus on the basic needs of people living in poverty. One of these needs include light for living.

Lighting can be provided by using efficient LED technology, which reduces the use of harmful petroleum lamps and enables regular cost savings of fuel or candles. Therefore, the use of solar energy also improves the economic situation of the concerned people. Furthermore, electric light provides an increased temporal flexibility. If people do not have to rely on daylight they can carry out further activities after the sun has set. Children are able to continue reading, playing or doing their homework. 

Once the basic need of light is satisfied, solar applications can be used for further utilisation e.g. to provide water (i.e. operating water pumps or sterilisation systems) and communication (i.e. charging mobile phones, radios).

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